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April Social Media Calendar for Small Businesses

This is a picture of Social Media Tips, Ladyblog Newsletter

April brings a treasure trove of social media opportunities for small business owners, from April Fool’s pranks to celebrating National Sourdough Bread Day, World Health Day, National Scrabble Day, Earth Day, and National Honesty Day. Engage followers with fun, brand-aligned content.

Simple Social Media Ideas for Small Businesses: Part 1

This is a picture of Social Media Tips, Ladyblog Newsletter

As a mom, wife, educator, and mobile notary business owner, I’ve found a manageable system that celebrates life’s events, garners customer reviews, offers behind-the-scenes glimpses, shares industry hacks, and sometimes personal moments.

Best Practices for Mobile Notaries: Part 1

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In my second month as a mobile notary, Spanish tutor, and translator, I’ve emphasized online presence through a GoDaddy-hosted website, Google Business for visibility, and both traditional and virtual business cards via VistaPrint and LinkTree, focusing on easy access and customer engagement.

Notaries Need a Good Laugh

This is a picture of Laughter Tips, Ladyblog Newsletter

One month into my mobile notary journey, I’ve learned the importance of self-care and laughter for relaxation, immunity, happiness, and health while balancing multiple roles.

Frida for a Day!

This is a picture of Friday for a Day, Ladyblog Newsletter

March celebrates International Women’s Month and Frida Kahlo’s legacy, urging us to express through art, learn about feminism, affirm women, and support women-led ventures.

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