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Efficient Virtual Assistant Services for Your Business


At Ladybug Mobile Services, our Virtual Assistant Service emphasizes our 17+ years of expertise in Virtual Administrative Tasks. We offer a comprehensive range of services including email and call management, travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, website management, lead generation through cold calls, social media content creation, online research, presentation preparation, record keeping, and bookkeeping. These services are designed to streamline your administrative processes and enhance your digital presence. For a detailed overview of our services, please contact us for a consultation.

Administrative Packages

Our Digital Marketing and Administrative Services are structured into tailored packages:

  1. Communication Management Package: Includes answering emails and phone calls, and making travel arrangements.
  2. Scheduling and Planning Package: Focuses on scheduling appointments and managing travel plans.
  3. Digital Presence Package: Involves managing website content and aesthetics.
  4. Marketing and Outreach Package: Covers making cold calls for lead generation and creating social media content.
  5. Research and Development Package: Provides online research services for company information gathering.
  6. Presentation and Documentation Package: Includes preparing presentations and maintaining records.
  7. Financial Management Package: Offers bookkeeping services.

Each package is designed to cater to specific administrative and marketing needs, on average the costs start at $25 per hour.

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