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Notaries Need to Understand the Benefits of Napping

Now that I am balancing a very demanding full-time job and opening this amazing little venture as a loan/notary signing agent, I am finding that I am having to consciously think about my personal wellness and mental health. 

One of the techniques that has been reported to help, is taking the time out to take a nap! I have to say that I am one of those people that wakes up early, goes to bed late and does not or I should say, is not able to nap. 

It seems the sweet spot is about 20 minutes, long enough to enter some of the sleep cycle stages but before you enter into deep sleep. The benefits are reported to be multiple, but these are the most impactful ones:

1) Reducing sleepiness

2) Improve learning

3) Aiding memory formation

4) Regulating emotions

If you do decide to start adding naps to your wellness routine, the best system is to: set an alarm to keep in that “sweet spot”; nap earlier in the day; use relaxation techniques often; create a nap routine so that you can nap quicker; and, reflect on why you are napping! 

World of caution, for our older public (haha which includes me now), make sure not to overuse this technique as it can also lead to negative effects on your health. Like everything we do, we have to find the balance!


-Sleep Foundation:

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