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Simple Social Media Ideas for Small Businesses: Part 2

Welcome back small business owners and anybody interested in learning a little more about some simple social media hacks!  I hope you were able to find some use in Part 1 of Simple Social Media Ideas for Small Businesses blog post. It is how I started and have had fun with these guidelines.  For the month of March, I wanted to share what I will be doing for my social media. You are welcome to make these your own or copy the ideas. I learned early on that ‘imitation is the biggest form of flattery’ and when it comes to social media, there is no need to be original, the actual purpose is to make your own but through copying other’s ideas or music choice or templates, etc.

March 1st is the beginning of Women’s History Month so at the beginning of this month, I will post my blog and demonstrate how I will theme the month based on influential women in my personal and professional life. 

March 2nd is Read Across America, on this day I will focus my social media on a book that I am reading called Culturally Responsive Teaching by Zaretta Hamond. It has been so influential to my work as an educator. I will take a picture of it with my business card as a bookmark for example or a video of me opening up the book with my business card inside this way I am tying in the event with my business.

March 3rd is Employee Appreciation Day, I will do a photo collage of all the women that have helped my business grow, not necessarily employees but if I had the money I sure would be paying them for their support. You see how you can tie in your business to events, it just takes creativity!

March 7th is National Be Heard Day, on this day, I might get a little bit more personal and share a quote or share a thought on some event that has made me want to speak up. Reels would be great if I felt like having fun with this or a stand alone picture with a quote is a great way to reach people.

March 12 is Plant a Flower Day, on this day I will showcase one of my community partners, Teacher Catalina. She is a daily inspiration for me, she has reinvented herself multiple times. She is a teacher, a blogger, a baker, a plant Mom and world traveler, etc. I will have fun doing something in her honor.

So I hope this helps and motivates you to just try it out! If you need me, I am truly happy to help. I have created LadyBLOG as a way to help my community understand that the great strides can be made with little steps. Don’t forget that at the bottom of the LadyBLOG page is the March Social Media Calendar to help and guide your idea. Contact me at or 407-588-7772. Happy March!

Ladyblog is a blog focused on providing small business owners tips so that they can achieve “great strides, with small steps.” Ladyblog is owned by Ladybug Mobile Services, a small, minority owned traveling service that offers general notary work, remote online notary work, loan signing, estate planning, digital marketing, wedding officiant/services, English/Spanish certified translations, English/Spanish tutoring, ink fingerprinting, virtual administrative best practices and much more. They serve the Central Florida region and surrounding counties. Their focus is to provide support to the small business community and spotlight small businesses.

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