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Spicing Up Your Small Business Social Media with August’s Quirky Posts

Hey there, small business superheroes! Welcome to August! Are you ready to dive into August with a burst of creativity and a sprinkle of humor? We’ve got just the thing to help you turn your social media presence into a summer sensation. Buckle up for a whirlwind tour of August’s wackiest and wonderful daily events! Let’s have some fun in the sun… on social media! We have even included some social media hashtags to ease you into the summer!

August 12: International Youth Day #YouthDayAge is just a number, and so are engagement rates! Highlight the young-at-heart spirit of your business. Need a youthful touch? Challenge your followers to guess which team member is the ultimate TikTok dance champion. 🕺

August 19: World Photography Day #WorldPhotoDay Strike a pose, because it’s time to say cheese! Showcase the artistic side of your products by turning them into Instagram-worthy masterpieces. Extra points if you convince your office plant to model for you. 🌿

August 24: National Waffle Day #WaffleDay Who needs a waffle iron when you can ‘iron out’ your social media game? Offer up a smorgasbord of engaging content ideas, asking your followers to choose their favorite ‘topping’ for your next big announcement. The suspense is syrupy sweet!

August 30: International Day of Friendship #FriendshipDay BFFs of business, unite! Celebrate the connections that keep your business thriving. Create a “Tag Your Work BFF” challenge, revealing quirky office dynamics and secret talents. Who knew your accountant could juggle? 🤹‍♂️

August 31: National Eat Outside Day #EatOutsideDay Spread out those ideas and let creativity flow like a gentle breeze. Share your business’s journey while enjoying the fresh air. Maybe even brainstorm your next big idea under the shade of a tree (just watch out for falling acorns).

So there you have it, business dynamos! August’s quirky lineup of events is your canvas, and your business is the masterpiece waiting to be showcased. With a dash of humor and a sprinkle of zest, you can whip up social media content that leaves your followers craving more. Let’s make this August unforgettable, one hilarious post at a time. Don’t forget that the ideas are already separated for you in this 12 month calendar that can be used year round!

Ladyblog is a blog focused on providing small business owners tips so that they can achieve “great strides, with small steps.” Ladyblog is owned by Ladybug Mobile Services, a small, minority owned traveling service that offers general notary work, remote online notary work, loan signing, estate planning, digital marketing, wedding officiant/services, English/Spanish certified translations, English/Spanish tutoring, ink fingerprinting, virtual administrative best practices and much more. They serve the Central Florida region and surrounding counties. Their focus is to provide support to the small business community and spotlight small businesses.

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