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December Social Media Calendar for Small Biz Celebrations

Greetings, small business champions! December has arrived with its festive flair and a flurry of holiday celebrations. ‘Tis the season to spice up your social media game with a pinch of humor. We have curated a daily social media calendar, sprinkled with cheer, to help you rock the holiday season like a pro. Grab your Santa hat, and let’s sleigh this December with a jolly and quirky tone!

Day 1: “World AIDS Day”: Start the month with a heartfelt message about the importance of World AIDS Day. Share a fact or a memorable story to raise awareness.

Day 7: “Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day”: Pay tribute with a twist. Share a fun history lesson about a lesser-known aspect of World War II or create a “historic reenactment” with your products.

Day 14: “Monkey Day”: Go bananas with a monkey-themed post! Share funny monkey memes or create a monkey mascot for your business. Challenge your followers to share their favorite monkey moments.

Day 19: “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day”: Deck the halls with hilarity! Encourage your team (or yourself) to wear the ugliest Christmas sweater and have a photoshoot. Ask your followers to join in on the festive fashion fun.

Day 24: “Christmas Eve”: Share the joy of the season with another twist. Create a humorous “Santa’s Workshop” tour of your workspace or leave out milk and cookies for Santa.

Day 31: “New Year’s Eve”: Ring in the new year with a bang! Share a quirky countdown, your business resolutions, or a hilarious year-end review.

December is a month of joy, remembrance, and holiday hilarity. Use this daily social media calendar to infuse humor, personality, and a touch of the unexpected into your posts. Remember, your small business is as unique as you are, so let your personality shine through in every update. Have a blast engaging with your followers, and may your December be filled with laughter and social media success! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰If you need ideas for the rest of the year, don’t forget that we created a 12-month-long calendar set up for you, divided into Weeks and their respective events. You can find those right here or by going to our Resource page.

Ladyblog is a blog focused on providing small business owners tips so that they can achieve β€œgreat strides, with small steps.” Ladyblog is owned by Ladybug Mobile Services, a small, minority owned traveling service that offers general notary work, remote online notary work, loan signing, estate planning, digital marketing, wedding officiant/services, English/Spanish certified translations, English/Spanish tutoring, ink fingerprinting, virtual administrative best practices and much more. They serve the Central Florida region and surrounding counties. Their focus is to provide support to the small business community and spotlight small businesses.

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